Embassy Cup


Please note:  the home team is required to provide a field marshal for each game.  The home team is listed first on the schedule.


  1. Arrive at your field 15 minutes prior to your assigned game.  However, if you are field marshaling the first game on a field (normally the 8:30 am) on Saturday and Sunday at the SoccerPlex, you must arrive at 7:30 a.m. to the tournament headquarters next to field #5 to pick up materials.
  2. Make sure the referee has checked the next two teams’ cards and rosters.
  3. Receive the book, pennie, and walkie talkie from the previous field marshal.  The game ball should already be on the field. 
  4. The tournament director will inform you if there are any players not eligible to participate in your game.
  5. Just prior to the game, inform the referees and coaches of the length of the game and let the managers know that it is the responsibility of the winning manager to return the score card to the Tournament Headquarters Tent immediately after the game (if tie, home team manager).
  6. At the conclusion of the game, complete the Game Report form listing final score and all yellow/red card info in duplicate then have the referee and coaches sign the Yellow copy. 
  7. Give the Yellow copy to the manager of the winning team (or if a tie, to the manager of the home team) to return to the Tournament Headquarters tent at field # 5. Leave the white copy in the field book.
  8. Give the book, pennie and walkie talkie to the next field marshal.
  9. Remind everyone to pick up the trash.
  10. Please do not leave the field until the next field marshal arrives.  If you are the field marshal for the last game of the day, please make sure all trash is picked up and return book, pennie, and a walkie talkie to the Tournament Headquarters Tent next to Field #5.
  11. If there is an injury, please call the trainer immediately.
  12. Any questions, contact the tournament director or headquarters over the walkie talkie.

Thank you!


The following table shows the length of game halves for boys and girls preliminary matches, semi-final and final matches.



Prelim/Semi Finals


Max. overtime



30 minutes

30 minutes

2 x 5 minutes



35 minutes

40 minutes

2 x 5 minutes



40 minutes

40 minutes

2 x 10 minutes

In the event inclement weather forces cancellation of a game after at least 20 minutes have been played, the game shall be considered official and the score at the point of cancellation shall be the final score. Should a game be halted before 20 minutes have been played, it shall be rescheduled for complete replay or recommenced at the discretion of the tournament director. In the event of a tie in a semi-final or final game, overtime shall be played as described above.